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The importance of Statistics

Compiling your Stats is quick and easy and is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of golf which can help you improve much faster. 

Entering the information about your rounds will help you enormously and by sharing this with your PGA Pro, (use the link at the bottom of the summary page), it will help them to identify the areas of your game that need improvement. You can view the statistics for your last round plus all previous rounds as monthly totals.

We have created 2 different styles of Stats Card to download which will help you keep track of your shots as you play your round.  Print them when required, the actual size is the same as a standard score card.

Use your Smartphone:

There's no need to wait until you get home to add a new round to your Stats, you can do this using your smarthone via the internet. Go to and log in using your normal Let's Get Golfing email and password. You can also check the percentages for your last round and for your current month. iPhone users can add this link to their home screen for instant access.


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