Junior Golf

If you are a parent who would like their child to play golf there needs to be a plan.

When to Start: Basically when a child appears interested in playing, maybe give them an opportunity to hit a golf ball, just let them try it, if they enjoy it then have a trip to your local golf club and ask about junior programmes.

Equipment: To get started you could get a special junior set that includes a bag, a lofted wood, a mid iron, short iron, and putter but they need to be the right size for your child. Your local PGA Pro will offer good advice as will most good retail stores.

Learn as they go: Let then have access to the information and video clips in this section and they will get a good grasp of everything they need to know. Our interactive Rules & Etiquette section is great fun and has been used by The Golf Foundation for a number of years.

 It is our firm belief that the best way to learn how to play golf, or to play better golf, is to use the expertise provided by a PGA Professional.  Our Instruction section is designed to complement professional instruction from PGA Professionals acting as a reminder, not to teach how to play. 

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Basic Statistics

Score Cards Explained

Rules & Etiquette

Balls in Unusual Places



For Parents

Q&A's from junior golfers

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