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Golf For Fun

Traditionally if you wanted to play golf you would join a club and play in competitions to get a handicap. This would let you play in more competitions and you would normally play the same course week after week…

Times are changing.

As more limitations are placed on our personal recreation time many people now want to play with a group of friends for fun – not with a group of strangers in a competition.

If you want to play golf there are now lots of opportunities. Pay As You Play golf courses negate the need for paying a large membership fee, you simply pay when you want to play. Almost all Golf Clubs will allow non-members to play their course by paying a one off ‘green fee’ for one round of golf. This gives golfers the opportunity to play at all the different courses nearby.

Some Golf Clubs are now offering a ‘Points’ system of membership. This essentially means that instead of paying a full membership fee you pay a reduced fee which gives you a certain number of rounds of golf per year. One nice thing about this is you could pay for points at two or three clubs instead of a membership of just one – for the same total cost.

So, if you just want to play golf now and again for fun with family or a group of friends there are many choices – BUT it is still a good idea to learn to play properly, i.e. with proper lessons as you will play better and enjoy playing more AND you will still need to learn the basic Rules of Golf and on course Etiquette – so you don’t go around upsetting other golfers!!

Playing Golf is good for your Health!
It is recommended by Health Professionals that adults should do about 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as playing golf, per week. This would be the equivalent of playing approximately 12 holes. Regular exercise such as walking via a round of golf can increase life expectancy by up to two years and a further 18 months can be added if that person has a rich circle of friends – which is often cited as a reason why elderly golfers join and stay at a golf club.


One of the attractions of playing the game is that it is very easy to meet people whether you join a club or simply visit a course for a one-off game.

 At busy times some clubs which have a high volume of visitors and subsequent limited tee times may ‘pair you up’ with other players for the round in an effort to get more people on the course at the same time.

 When you join a club they may host an induction meeting to introduce you to ‘the club’ and other new members.

 An efficient Starter or Professional will act as a mediator and introduce single players to others and make the suggestion that they have a game together, this will eliminate the possible embarrassment of making an approach to a stranger yourself. If this has not happened and you are keen to find a playing partner don't be afraid to ask either the Starter or professional to recommend someone you could play with.


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