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Points to Remember

When starting out playing golf, just like in any sport there are a number of things to remember which will help you:

These are simple guidlines, throughout Let's Get Golfing we feature much more detailed information and video of all these points and more.

Two links are available below to demonstrate the quality and type of videos we provide. This basic knowledge is very important, knowing how to behave or what to do in certain circumstances will give you increased confidence when out on the course.

  • Remember the make and number of your ball and mark it with an identifying mark, using a waterproof pen, when you are waiting at the 1st tee. This can help identify your own ball later.
  • Mark accurate scores on your score card.
  • Ensure you replace divots.
  • Rake Bunkers at all times.
  • Be sure to keep up with the group in front.
  • Repair your pitch marks on the greens.
  • Know where to stand on the Tee when waiting.
  • Play the ball as it lies.
  • DO NOT mark your scorecard on the green but on the next tee while your playing partner is getting ready to play their shot.
  • Get into the habit of counting the shots your playing partners take, this will help when you start playing in competitions and marking the cards of other players.
  • Watch where your playing partners hit their shots. It can help save time when looking for a lost ball. This is very important when they are hitting shots into the sun.
  • Try and decide which club you are going to use as soon as you arrive at the tee or on the fairway. The length of hole (as quoted on the card or on tee markers) is usually from the distance marker on the tee to centre of the green.
  • Do not walk over your partners line of putt when on the green.
  • Learn how to drop a ball correctly.
  • Learn what the different coloured markers (see Marker Posts) mean.
  • Clean your clubs regularly.

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