Getting Started at Golf

How do I get started? ... Where do I go? ... Who do I see? ... How do I learn? ... What do I need? ... What does it cost?

These are the first questions most people think about and want answers to, you can find all the information you need on these links:.

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Play Golf For Fun

Where to Play UK

Starting New At Golf - SNAG

The PGA Professional

The PGA's of Europe

Recommended Pros

Cool golf

Golf Organisations UK

Golf Organizations USA

Who's Who at a Golf Club'

Golf really is a great game, it isn't difficult, like any other sport the more you play the better you can become. You don't have to be competitive, although nearly all golf clubs will organise regular competitions many people play golf for fun and relaxation.

Like any sport there are rules and regulations and sometimes the Rules of Golf can seem overly complicated but once you get the hang of what to do when your ball goes astray they all make sense - even the world class players hit their balls into the wilds now and again!

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What do you Need


Points to Remember

Golf Language

Rules & Etiquette

Advice for parents

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