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Stats Read Me

If you can remember each shot you make during a round of golf you can easily complete a new Stats form after each round. The other option is to use one of the 2 cards we have created for you to download and print off to use when you play. They are the same size as a standard score card so fit easily into your scorecard holder and it only takes a few seconds to enter your information hole by hole.

When you 'Add a New Round' you will see 7 different buttons.

Round Info:
This needs to be completed every time you enter some Stats and simply asks for details of the course and your round.  The remaining 6 tabs are where you enter information about your round. You can enter information in just one of these, all six or any combination.




For Beginners we would suggest that you start with just this one. Keep a note of whether you hit the fairway off the tee or miss left or right.  That's all!


Once you are hitting more consistently off the tee start adding your approach shot to the Green. This is the shot you make when you are trying to get your ball on the green, for example it might be your second, third or even fourth shot. Simply enter whether you hit left / right / short / long.



100 yards:
Next comes the short game, Pitching / Chipping from 100 yards. You will only use this section if you miss the green with your approach shot. Enter the number of shots you take within 100 yards of the green and if you manage any ‘Up & Downs’ which means one chip to the green and one put to hole out- Up on to the Green and Down the hole!!


You can start to keep your Putting Stats at any time, No of 3+ Putts / 2 Putts / 1 Putt and No of Putts missed from 2 feet. You could record putts missed from 3ft or more if you wish (instead of 2ft) as long as you are consistent which distance you use.



Birdies / Bogies:
Leave this section until you are more consistent with tee and approach shots. Once you are regularly scoring around 20 over Par, or less, this would be a good time to start keeping this Stat.



Once you are hitting bunker shots reasonably well you could start keeping this Stat which records the number of greenside bunkers you land in and whether you hit from the bunker on to the green then hole out with one Putt, i.e. a Sand Save.

Remember, if you share these Stats with your Pro they will be able to identify your weaknesses and structure lessons accordingly, this will help you play and enjoy your game better and, more importantly perhaps, will save you money!

IMPORTANT: If you have any queries at any time about how to use this section talk it through with your Pro or get in touch with us using the Fast Feedback to the right of this page.


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